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The Secondary School programme at Rao Nihal Singh Public School, Darauli promotes critical and creative thinking through inquiry-based learning. It offers a balanced approach between rigorous academics and co-curricular activities to foster well-rounded and responsible global citizens. Our Mind Body Soul program is designed to enhance skills and build a strong profile for university applications, while many opportunities are provided for enhancing their leadership skills. The programme is flexible, influences outcomes, and develops cultural awareness in learners.

Key RNSPS Education Methodology

What does an EduCreative School look like?

Career Guidance

Our career counselling services take a personalised approach to help learners achieve lifelong success by empowering them to explore their full potential and find a career that they truly aspire for. This starts by getting to know each learner on a deep level, using tools such as aptitude tests, IQ tests, skill tests or interest tests to uncover their unique talents and interests. We then work with the learner to identify potential career paths and map out an individualised road map towards their desired goal.

We also focus on helping learners develop the personal, social, and intellectual skills they need to thrive in any career they choose. We provide ongoing support and guidance as learners navigate through their career journey, so they can achieve their full potential and lead a fulfilling life.

Role of Enrichment Department

We believe in inclusive education – removing learning barriers and unlocking each learner’s full potential. Our programme is supported by a dedicated team of counsellors and Special Educators, who work together to provide personalised support for each learner. Our counsellors help to address any emotional or behavioural challenges that may be hindering their progress. Our Special Educators provide remedial support in reading, writing, problem solving, helping learners to develop the foundational skills they need to succeed. We take a collaborative approach, involving learners, parents, teachers, school heads, and specialised therapists in tailoring an education plan for each learner. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where all learners can thrive, regardless of their unique challenges or learning differences.

iPropel for Secondary

iPROPEL @ Rao Nihal Singh Public School comprises a variety of progressive, skill-based programmes wherein the learning happens by design and not by default. Broadly classified across Innovation, Performing arts, Research and reasoning, Outreach, Physical fitness, Experiential learning and Leadership skills, every component of the programme is age-appropriate and aims to further augment the curriculum.

Skills acquired through iPROPEL are showcased through various culmination events such as InspirUs, Art Fest, Innovators Convention, Sports Fest and more, giving each learner a platform to exhibit skills acquired through the programme. Secondary learners will also be provided the option of enrolling for after school hours Clubs, in addition to the ones listed above. The various components of iPROPEL are:

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