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Grade XI and XII

In Grade XI and XII. The RNSPS curriculum combines a focus on in-depth topic mastery with the development of skills for future study and employment. We value both in-depth topic knowledge and conceptual understanding. We also encourage them to practise higher-order thinking abilities like argumentation, teamwork, independent research, and problem-solving. These are lifelong, transferable skills that will help them get ready for their futures. They also make learning worthwhile and pleasurable. The program attempts to produce educational opportunities that support academic excellence, Learner Independence, Learner Leadership, Learner Well-Being, International Mindedness, Sustainable Global Outreach, and portfolio Building.

We offer around 15 subjects which are grouped in a thoughtful manner to facilitate career aspirations.

Group 1

English General Paper (8021)/English Language (9093)

Group 2

Mathematics (9709)/
Art and Design (9479)/
German (8683)

Group 3

Physics (9702)/
Accounting (9706)/
Psychology (9990)

Group 4

Chemistry (9701)/
Business (9609)/
Sociology (9699)

University Placements

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