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Keeping in view the overpowering need for inculcating skills in the learners, the school provides various avenues in the ambit of the Foundational domain, like Photography, Sculpture, Painting, and Film Making. Skills & Competencies have come to occupy a center stage in the life of successful professionals.

It is important that schools help learners in laying the foundation of such skills & competencies and build ways and methods to connect the conduct of curriculum with the fostering of skills & competencies. Arts education, covering a whole range of performing, visual and vocational arts would be an integral part of the schools of the future, and Rao Nihal Singh Public Schools would lead the way.


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If you’re an educational professional who is looking to progress into management and consultancy, or an educational planning or development role, this is the best school for you.

A far-reaching expressions training gives a rich and drawing in educational modules that build up students’ capacities to think, reason, and comprehend the world and its societies. It offers understudies chances to react, perform, and make in expressions of the human experience.

  • Painting:Painting aids children acquire hand-eye coordination, an important skill for young children. Painting helps children learn sizes, shapes, patterns and designs. These are all critical aspects of their curriculum during pre-school years. Painting helps children develop their decision-making skills. The benefits of art for students include problem-solving abilities, creativity, literacy, fine & gross motor skills, connection, and understanding.
  • Photography:Photography is not just an extraordinary skill but also a visual language that combines the significance of art, history and digital awareness into one. Photography engages the various faculties of a child be it his creativity, thinking, emotions or observation. Any material can prove to be good enough for photographic adventures. Photography allows one to express him/her through an art form. It involves a good integration of various disciplines whether it is symmetry of hills or a tree standing out from a forest of thousands.
  • Sculpture:Sculpture as a component of Visual Arts gives opportunities to explore all art activities that result in two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. We must understand that without an exposure to sculpture, our students will be less prepared to appreciate nature; for nature presents herself to us particularly in three-dimensional form. It is important, therefore, that the young learners become aware of the visual pollution created by man, in his journey of development.

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Why Study Here?

We trust human expressions offer articulation to our comprehension, our creative energy, and our inattentiveness. As the world we occupy ends up littler, quicker, and more aggressive, these characteristics are progressively imperative.

Expressions of the human experience are an indispensable piece of total, effective and brilliant training. Investigation of human expressions improves youngsters’ educated person, individual and social advancement.

Expressions of the human experience impart in our students the propensities of the mind that endure forever: investigative aptitudes, the capacity to tackle issues, constancy, and a drive for magnificence.

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