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Progressive Pedagogy

We focus on learning for deeper understanding through dynamic teaching methodologies that combine thematic and interdisciplinary approaches. The programme is designed to develop higher-order thinking skills beyond rote learning and encourages learners to analyse, synthesize, evaluate and interpret information to solve real-life problems. We also offer a range of exciting workshops and activities to further enhance learners’ educational experiences.

Learning Focused Assessment

The assessment has been revamped to reduce stress and promote individual growth. The new grade-oriented system focuses on continuous assessment of all areas of development, including academic and co-curricular activities. Learners are encouraged to strive for personal excellence based on their skills and goals. The assessment system provides objective information about a learner’s current level of knowledge and skills and highlights areas for further development. It is designed to focus on learning and progress, rather than making judgments about the child. The assessment process provides information about all aspects of development, not just academics, in keeping with the school’s Mind, Body and Soul philosophy. Practical suggestions for supporting the child’s further learning are also provided to parents.

Quality And Experienced Faculty

Our faculty consists of a mix of young and experienced teachers who collaborate to provide the best possible learning experience for our learners. To keep up with the latest trends and research in the field of education, our faculty undergoes professional development every year. This helps them enhance their skill sets and ensure that our curriculum aligns with the values of an EduCreative experience. Additionally, we invite young professionals and external faculty who are experts in their fields to address our learners and provide real-life examples to enrich their learning experience.

Enrichment Cell

We understand the challenges our learners face, and we are committed to supporting them. Our Enrichment Programme focuses on inclusive education, to remove learning barriers and develop our learners’ unique abilities, independence, and social skills. We have a dedicated team of counsellors and Special Educators. Counsellors render counselling sessions to our learners, parents, teachers, and staff. Special educators provide remedial support in reading, writing, and math. Our collaborative approach involves learners, parents, teachers, school heads, and specialised therapists tailoring an education plan for each learner, ensuring their personal, social, and intellectual growth.

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