Principal Massage

"We are living in times where everything is changing rapidly. The pace of technological advancement is so fast that it is difficult for the human race to keep pace. It is particularly true for the various systems of our society and that includes education. It is a challenge today to envision and forecast the needs of the society a decade from now.

The skills required by the new age professionals is anybody's guess. The adults of today with their education of yesterday are to prepare students for tomorrow. It is no mean task. What stands out is the fact that such a thing is only possible when the present day teachers are learners. Also, the most important skills to be developed among students would be 'the ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn' and the 'ability to source the information and resources as and when required'.

Most crucial in life would be the 'life skills' needed for a peaceful co-existence not only in professional teams and communities but also in the global sense. Each one will have to realize and accept one's place and role in the larger national and global picture. Leadership skills will have to be developed very early on. To meet these challenges of preparing our young people for the world of tomorrow, the parents and educators will need to join hands. We are sure to make a success of our endeavours.

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